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Saturday, April 25,
Denver Rose Society Rose Pruning Workshop
Location: Jefferson County Detention Center
200 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401     

Time: 9:30 - noon
Read how the Jefferson County Sheriff's Complex AARS Public Display Rose Garden began


Thursday May 14, 7:00 pm
Regular Meeting
Program: "Plant Seeds, Draw Plants and More"
By: Curtis Jones, Botanical Interests
Denver Botanic Gardens Gates Hall
1007 York Street
Visitors and guest welcome

We will have Mile-Hi Rose Feed, alfalfa meal, and kelp meal available for purchase from 6:30 to 7:00 pm on upper DBG parking lot.


Saturday, May 16th
Fairmont Heritage Rose Sale
Location: Fairmont Cemetery - Chapel in the Pines
430 S Quebec St (entrance off of Alameda Parkway)
Time: 8:00am until they run out of roses. 

Rose sales includes new, never before propagated varieties of Fairmount roses, old garden & heirloom roses, hybrid teas, miniatures, floribundas, shrubs and climbers. 

Visit  for more information.


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The book, Growing Roses in Colorado, published by the Denver Rose Society is a "must have" for those who want to grow beautiful roses successfully.  Get a glimpse inside the newly revised Growing Roses in Colorado.  Available at area garden retailers and gift shops. For wholesale inquiries please contact Betty Cahill at

Retail locations that sell the GRIC book



Consulting Rosarian Tips for April:

Do not start pruning your roses!  You may be seeing new growth and your pruners may be calling you, but be strong and resist!  I can tell you from sad experience, pruning early will break your heart.  I moved back to Colorado recently.  The first year I had roses at my new house, I had tons of new growth in early April.  The CRs had said donít prune until closer to Motherís Day.  But I just knew they were wrong.  In Arizona we pruned in January, how could I possibly wait until May.  So I removed all the mulch and pruned.  We had snow each of the next 3 weeks.  All that beautiful new growth withered and died.  So please learn from my mistake and wait until May to begin your pruning. 

If you are like me, your roses have had a hard winter.  Iím seeing very few green canes above the top of my mulch.  So if you absolutely have to prune something, you can cut off the tops of the dead canes.    But donít cut into anything that looks green and potentially alive. 

If you bought bare root roses, you should get them planted by mid-April.  When deciding on a location ensure the site will receive at least 6 hours of sun daily.  Know the mature size of the rose and ensure your site can accommodate it.  Plan for proper air circulation around the plant.  Look at the location; think about what shrubs, trees or other plantings that may compete with the rose roots.  Dig the hole a minimum of 18 inches deep by 18 inches in diameter, the larger the hole the better. Amend soil with 1 part compost and 2 parts native soil.  You might want to add some expanded shale if you have clay soil.  I like to add a little Mile-Hi Rose Feed and about a ľ cup of Super Phosphate in the bottom of the hole.  For grafted roses, plant the bud union approx. 4 inches below the soil surface.  For own root roses, plant them approx. 2 inches below the soil surface.  Fill the hole with the soil you have prepped, and lightly tap it down.  You donít want to compact it too much and remove all the oxygen the roots need for growth.  Mound soil up around the canes Water well and keep them extra well hydrated (not soggy) for the first month.  (There is lots more detail about planting roses in the GRIC.) 

Speaking of water, if we donít get more snow or some good rains in April, be sure to water your roses.  Always water on a warm date make sure you are watering deeply because that is where the rose roots are. 

Finally, relax!  Starting in May, we will have plenty of time to spend in our roses gardens.  If you did not get any bare root roses, continue perusing those catalogs and searching the internet to decide which roses you might want to buy from local nurseries.  Most nurseries start selling their roses the last weekend of April.  Some nurseries have the list of roses they will be selling on their web sites. 

For rose questions, contact a Consulting Rosarian in your area.

Photo courtesy of Scott Dressel-Martin

Joan Franson, our beloved longtime member who has contributed immeasurably through her time and talents to the Denver Rose Society over the years, passed away on October 17, 2014.   We know that you share in our grief but also in celebrating her extraordinary life and accomplishments.

A blog post from Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator and Director of Outreach, Denver Botanic Gardens

Read about Joan in this article, written by Susan Clotfelter, printed  in the February 15th, 2014 edition of The Denver Post.

2014 Roses in Review Results

Every year, the American Rose Society conducts a survey of roses and how they grow in garden around the nation.  The results for the Rocky Mountain District are in.  See what rose growers in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Utah have to say about recent introductions.  Use this information to help you decide which roses to plant next year. 







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