Consulting Rosarian Tip of the Month



Pruning time for Hybrid Teas and Floribundas is here, but don’t remove mulch and prune until freeze danger is past – usually mid-May.


Dispose of pruning debris and old leaves in the trash, not your compost pile. Plant new purchased nursery grown container roses. As weather warms, watch for insect pests. Many can be managed with fingers and water sprays. Fertilizers can be applied to established bushes (not newly planted ones) monthly starting about the middle of the month. Water deeply before applying fertilizer.


Take an inventory of supplies and tools. Purchase new pruners, you are worth the price of good ones. Stock up on fertilizer and any supplies you might require for pest management. Get ready for the growing season!


If starting a new rose bed, and you did not prepare the area the previous fall, amend the soil as soon as possible. Study rose literature and continue landscape planning. Consider raised beds if drainage is a problem. Roses need sun for at least half a day and can use full sun. Morning sun with afternoon shade is preferable. Do not plant roses near large trees or hedges. Remember to update rose bed maps with names of newly planted bushes. Consider having garden labels made for them. Growing Roses in Colorado (GRIC) has a wealth of information on selection and care of roses.


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