Consulting Rosarian Tip for June

June Rose Window – CR Advice – 2022
By Barbara Kemp Master Rosarian

Roses should be showing lots of new growth after the mid-May
snowstorm that brought lots of moisture to the Front Range with
snowfall ranging from 8 to 12 inches. The temperature the day before
was in the 80’s and then dropped into freezing temperatures. Colorado weather always brings surprises!

Rose tasks during June:

Clean-up lingering debris in rose beds and prune out broken rose canes from the snowstorm. If roses have not been fertilized, this is the time to complete the first feeding and repeat every four to six
weeks to mid-August. If rose leaves are lighter green with dark green veins, treat for iron deficiency
(chlorosis) with chelated iron available at most garden centers.

Watering roses is my favorite rose task as it brings instant results the next day. Keeping our roses
hydrated during high temperatures is very important. With drought conditions, it is important to
keep the roots hydrated to maintain healthy roses and beautiful blooms. It is recommended that a
full-sized rose receive one inch of water per week and miniatures less. When temperatures begin to
heat up at the end of the month, begin watering twice a week and apply two to three inches of mulch
in rose beds to help conserve water and maintain a cool, constant climate.

During the summer, my day begins with walking through the garden to enjoy the rose blooms and
fragrances. This is a great time to detect insect and disease problems at an early stage. Monitoring
my roses became part of my Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. For the last two plus
years, I have not used pesticides on my roses and have found that less is better. Also, there are
many beneficials that help with pest control. Keep a journal as a reference to the previous pest and
disease procedures used. Monitoring your rose garden daily will help determine the best procedure
to use, with pesticides as an alternative.

Aphids: Strong streams of water can eliminate their presence, and beneficials are a great help too.
Spider Mites: Keep plants watered. When spider mites are detected, use strong water sprays daily
on the undersides of the leaves. Chemicals may damage leaves in hot weather.
Thrips: Remove and destroy infested blooms and, if necessary, use insecticidal soap as an organic
means to remove thrips spraying only the buds and blooms.

Summer is here and it is time to enjoy your roses. Roses are looking good and buds will soon become beautiful roses in the warm days ahead.
Get your roses ready to show at the District Rose Show,
Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 18!