Consulting Rosarian Tip of the Month

October CR Advice, Peggy Williams, Master Rosarian
It seems like we were just waking our roses up and now it is time to get them ready for bed. You know the drill, we have wonderful members and CRs that cover the recommendations at the end of every season. Here’s a brief recap.
• No more fertilizing
• No more pruning
• Reduce your watering
• Pay attention to the weather forecast, if a hard freeze is predicted check the soil moisture. Water if the soil is dry, there will be less damage to the roots in moist soil.
• Remove any leaves showing black spot. If the leaves do not come off the cane easily, cut them off. Do not strip them. Stripping can damage the canes and create an entry way for disease. Clean up diseased leaves putting them in the trash and not the compost bin.
• One last thing to do. Next spring plant a few new roses for fall enjoyment. Some have beautiful fall foliage and some display hips that would make a holly berry jealous.
These are a few that I grow in my garden:
Rosa pulverulenta is a species rose native to eastern Turkey. The 3×3 shrub is once blooming with single pink blossoms and killer red hips beginning in August. I got mine at the Botanic Gardens Spring Plant Sale in the “Grown in the Gardens” area.
‘Metis’, a 4’x3’ very hardy shrub has pink, once blooming blossoms with 28 to 35 petals and a mild fragrance. It is a Hybrid nitida bred by H.F. (Bert) Harp and introduced in Canada by Agriculture Canada, Morden, Manitoba in 1967. The bush is covered with ovoid buds in the spring and has small glossy leaves that turn a vivid red in the fall. Metis was the first wife of Zeus, and became goddess of wisdom, prudence and deep thought. Available from High Country Roses.
‘Thérèse Bugnet’, everyone knows her. A 5’x5’ Hybrid Rugosa bred in Canada and released in 1950. There are long, pointed red buds followed by sweetly scented double, warm pink flowers. It blooms all summer and the beautiful fall foliage display is as nice as any aspen you will see on Vail Pass. Also available from High Country Roses.