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The average first frost is around mid-month for much of the Front Range. Continue Integrated Pest Monitoring through early freezes. Deep water prior to predicted hard freezes to lessen damage to dry roots. Deadhead beneath flower heads – if at all – to help roses slow down. When removing spent blooms this month, cut just below the bloom so as not to stimulate growth which would be injured severely by freezes. Continue to remove basal breaks (red-maroon new stem growth at plant base).  Keep beds clean by removing old leaves. Take time to plan and prepare new rose beds.


Powdery mildew and blackspot may continue to appear this month.


Check out Dave Ingram’s “Getting Started with Roses Volume VII October” for additional timely tips. This information and more growing and care information can be found under the Growing Roses drop down menu on each page of the website.


Growing Roses in Colorado (GRIC) has a wealth of information on care of roses, find the book at area garden centers, gift stores or order from this website.


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