Speaker Outreach

Consulting Rosarians and experts from the Denver Rose Society are available to speak to your group on a variety of rose topics.  Programs can be verbal, hands on, or visual using PowerPoint slides (the DRS can provide their own equipment and projector if needed or requested).


You are welcome to suggest a rose topic if you don’t see one listed below.  Programs generally run an hour or can be requested for special, longer seminars. On site planting and or pruning demonstrations can be scheduled if the weather, time of year and conditions are appropriate.

Contact Us

For more information, or to request a program, contact our Speaker Outreach Coordinator, Peggy Williams, by phone (303 523-8927), email (pegwilliams22@comcast.net), or the form on the right.


Programs are offered with a suggested stipend that goes directly to Denver Rose Society volunteer outreach programs. Expenses for travel out of the Denver metro area are appreciated.

For a list of Consulting Rosarians in your area, CLICK HERE.


Growing Roses 101:  Every garden needs a rose bush or two or three. We’ll cover how to plant, prune and care for new and established roses, including building new rose beds and preparing your roses for winter.


Great Rose Varieties for the Front Range:  There are just too many rose choices out there, so we’ll help you decide which ones do well in our area. We’ll also cover design principles for roses and planting in containers.


Beyond Hybrid Tea Roses:  A wonderful in depth presentation on selecting and growing shrub, species and old garden roses.


Planting or Pruning Basics:  A Denver Rose Society member will demonstrate on site planting or rose pruning techniques. Best time of year is late April or early May for pruning and mid to late May for planting container roses.  OR, this class can be all about correct pruning, training and deadheading with no on-site demonstration.


The Petite Queen of Flowers, Miniature and Mini-Flora Roses:  Smaller roses, known as minis or mini-floras are wonderful assets to any landscape.  They can be tucked into many places in the mixed border or used in containers.  We’ll cover the best places to purchase minis, growing culture, planting, care through the season and suggested varieties for the Front Range.


Putting Your Rose Garden to Bed for Winter:  Prepping roses for winter is the key to growing healthy shrubs. Learn how and why fall and winter care keeps your roses blooming and happy from year to year. We’ll also cover how to prepare new rose beds for early spring planting.

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