Where We Meet

Denver Botanic Gardens – Plant Society Building (February 8, 2020 meeting), Freyer-Newman Center, April 9, 2020 meeting (see information below). 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206


Parking at Denver Botanic Gardens is available in the free multi-level garage across the street to the gardens.



The Plant Society Building is located in a separate building on the northwest side of the gardens. Enter DBG through the gift shop during regular business hours and walk west past the main building to the end of the greenhouses, turn right (north) for a short distance through the large open gate, then turn left (west) to see the Plant Society Building. This is about a five to twelve minute walk from the gift shop. Wheelchair access and restrooms are available.



The Freyer-Newman Center is scheduled to be finished in time for the April 2020 monthly meeting. This will be the new location for monthly meetings and educational classes at Denver Botanic Gardens.  It is located directly north and outside Gates Court – which is in the main building.  There will be a pedestrian bridge from Gates Court to Freyer-Newman.  Please stay tuned for construction updates on this website or the Denver Rose Society Facebook page for meeting location updates.



The February and March meetings are held on Saturday mornings at 10:00 am. Access the Plant Society Building or the Frey-Newman Center through the DBG gift shop. When the Gardens close at 5pm during the winter, use the wrought iron Pinyon Gate directly north of the gift shop entrance. The April, May and June meetings are usually held on Thursdays, however the week of the month can change, as can the venue, so always check the calendar for dates, times and location. Click HERE for the events calendar.



The July and August meetings are held at member homes or public gardens. Times and locations are announced in the current year member newsletter.



We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!




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